Landscape Architect Services

What is a Landscape Architect?

All too often, people hire landscapers without architectural and design experience. These companies can be useful for simple tasks such as planting, mowing, and basic yard maintenance. However, when you are looking to complete a major landscaping overhaul, it is important to call in the professionals.

Landscape architects design your outdoor space to meet your needs and desires when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. They will also ensure that any construction meets government legislated codes.


Creating aesthetic appeal is all about making your space look nice. Everyone has their own idea of what looks nice, so our professionals will work with you to discover your design preferences and bring them to life in your outdoor space.Whether you are looking for a fun and whimsical theme, something elegant and chic, or something inspired by hot Mexican nights, our landscape architects will ensure that your design brings your imagination to life.


Imagine spending a considerable amount of money and time on an outdoor project, only to find that parts of your yard flood when it rains, or that water has now begun to leak into your basement, or that the peaceful oasis you thought your patio would be is more like sitting in a wind tunnel. Our designs will be created in a way that makes the best use of natural water flows and wind patterns.

When designing lighting systems, outdoor kitchens, and sitting areas, we will work hard to ensure that areas are appropriated lighted. We will also make sure that traffic flows make sense. For example, you would not want your sitting area to be so far away from your cooking and grilling area that your food grows cold before you have a chance to eat it. Most people would also like to have hot tubs close to their homes so that they do not have to walk too far on cool evenings. Our landscape architects will address any such concerns you may have, to ensure that your outdoor space functions exactly the way you would like.

Benefits of Hiring a Landscape Architect

The benefits of hiring a landscape architect include, but are not limited to, the following:

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